Track Mix

The Track Mix is a feed that consists solely of live footage from the various trackside cameras around the circuit. It is a feed in its own right, with its own director, albeit it is not provided to the public in the same manner as the Pit Lane Channel or the Data Channel, for example. Whenever the world feed is showing live track footage, it is showing the Track Mix, therefore resulting in the track mix being shown for the majority of the broadcast on the World Feed.

From 1996 to 2002, the track mix was made available to viewers directly as part of the F1 Digital+ service, resulting in the addition of dedicated graphics to the feed. In addition, the feed was split in two, with a “Track A” feed focusing on action higher up the field, and a “Track B” feed focusing on action further down.

When the F1 Digital+ service closed at the end of 2002, the Track A & B feeds were merged into a single channel, the graphics removed, and the feed was no longer made available to be viewed by the public in its own right, except when being shown as part of the World Feed.

From the 2020 season, partly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Track Mix is now the only feed that is directed trackside (as detailed in this Interview with FOM’s Director of Broadcast & Media), the rest of the feeds (including the World Feed) are now produced at FOM’s Media & Technology Centre at Biggin Hill.